The theme suggested for this year-long celebration is “Heritage, Healing and Hope”.  The URC feels this theme describes the core qualities of the neighborhood, its residents and its history as succinctly as possible, and it offers us the opportunity to use the celebration as a catalyst for continued neighborhood transformation.  This theme will be incorporated into all special events and activities associated with the Centennial Celebration, in two of the following ways. First, neighborhood organizations are encouraged to use existing activities planned for 2019 (such as an annual community picnic) and brand it with the Centennial Celebration. Secondly, organizations can create special events or activities specially designed to highlight the themes of the centennial celebration. Organization are encouraged to consider the ways new events and activities could serve as a springboard for future events or programs.


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Ubuntu Village

"Humanity Towards Others"

The Urban Renaissance located in the central core of the Civic Park Historic District is a funded project of the Ruth Mott Foundation of Flint. The URC has recently launched a demonstration pilot project that will demonstrate how North Flint hard hit areas can revitalize existing neighborhoods, create grassroots mobilization for employment and entrepreneurial agility, foster healthy, safe and economically sustainable neighborhoods while retaining their individual and cultural character.


A neighborhood effort to revitalize a four-square block radius area surrounding the Urban Renaissance Center as a central community-hub, has come to life through an innovative effort to usher in the 2019 Centennial of the Civic Park Historic District with a strategic framework for realizing a viable and self-sustainable neighborhood for the next 100 years.


Building upon the African philosophy of Ubuntu, a term meaning humanity and often translated as “humanity toward others,’ the community will grow to understand better the intrinsic value of interconnectedness and the philosophical sense to mean “the belief in the universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity”.

"This is an exciting time for the City of Flint in both its Downtown Reinvestment Project and the Ruth Mott Foundation’s 5-year focus on the reinvestment of the North Flint community.  Continuing to build on many years of URC’s community engagement, revitalization efforts and garnering partners to the Civic park area, "Our goal is to build a pilot village model that demonstrates how the Civic Park ‘Ubuntu’ Village Pilot Project can be implemented in similar neighborhoods city and nation-wide.


Our invaluable partnerships with area UM-Flint, Habitat for Humanity, Landbank, City of Flint, Ruth Mott Applewood, Convoy of Hope, and many community and national stakeholders has helped us to work in concert with Flint’s new Master Plan,  The UM-Flint Social Work Department has walked with the neighborhood for over 4 years in cultivating the ideas of the ubuntu community, asset building of the existing human capital, resources and synergy needed to make Civic Park a community focal point, enhance quality of life for residents and serve as a model for other communities city and nation-wide.

Civic Park ‘Ubuntu’ Village Centennial Long-term Projects:

  • Civic Park Health and Wellness House

A facility that partners with Carriage Town Ministries, Genesee County Health Department and Hamilton Health Care to provide for the community referrals to Primary Care, Eye and Dental Services, Transportation Health Providers, Support Groups, Violence Prevention, Trauma Counseling and Outdoor Activities coordinated and in conjunction with the Crim Foundation.


  • Civic Park Children’s House

The Civic Park Children’s Learn and Play House is a place where children can enjoy fun activities, like arts and crafts, field trips, games, movies, face painting and more, while participating in learning support and child development methodologies to counteract the lead poisoning of many Civic Park and Flint children.  


  • Civic Park Centennial Pavilion

Outdoor Musical, Plays, Concerts, Worship Services, Weddings, Family Activities, Cultural Arts, History Presentations


  • Rebounding Force Transition House

Provides Rebounding Forces Work Readiness Participants Housing for 3 to 6 months lodging. The Transition House provides needed financial literacy, housekeeping and social interconnectedness for transitioning into individual or apartment living


  • Civic Park Heritage House

The Urban Renaissance has partnered with the University of Michigan/Flint in efforts of restoring  a Civic Park Historical house to hold Civic Park artifacts, historical archives and stories and to serve as a National Site of Consciousness to address both local and national issues.


  • Civic Park Agricultural Land and House Facility

Through a second-year successful partnership with the Mr. Gaines Gardening and the Conservation

District Program there is now an agricultural community garden project, the beginning of the renovation of a lead abated house designated to lead the community into healthy eating and lead mitigating food awareness.


  • Women’s Empowerment and Resource House

The Women’s Empowerment and Resource House is a community asset that advocates on behalf of neighborhood women and girls to achieve their full potential.  The Empowerment House is strategically placed in the community to foster hope and attention to women issues and to organize, and strategize around the social, economic, and political issues that strengthen unity and shared goals among Civic Park’s girl and women audiences.