The theme suggested for this year-long celebration is “Heritage, Healing and Hope”.  The URC feels this theme describes the core qualities of the neighborhood, its residents and its history as succinctly as possible, and it offers us the opportunity to use the celebration as a catalyst for continued neighborhood transformation.  This theme will be incorporated into all special events and activities associated with the Centennial Celebration, in two of the following ways. First, neighborhood organizations are encouraged to use existing activities planned for 2019 (such as an annual community picnic) and brand it with the Centennial Celebration. Secondly, organizations can create special events or activities specially designed to highlight the themes of the centennial celebration. Organization are encouraged to consider the ways new events and activities could serve as a springboard for future events or programs.


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Individual Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteering at a Centennial event is an excellent opportunity to learn more about our neighborhood and its history. Individual volunteer opportunities are available at all events



WorkGroup Volunteer Opportunities
Centennial WorkGroups provide unique community service and team-building opportunities to groups of between 10-40 individuals. We welcome teams of all kinds—from churches, youth groups, corporations, high schools, colleges, etc.—to spend a weekend or entire week engaging in service projects and/or assisting with our service providers.



Sponsor an event or activity
You can impact the lives of families by sponsoring a Centennial event or activities. Through your work We can help you identify an area most in need and watch your donation be put to work.

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