The theme suggested for this year-long celebration is “Heritage, Healing and Hope”.  The URC feels this theme describes the core qualities of the neighborhood, its residents and its history as succinctly as possible, and it offers us the opportunity to use the celebration as a catalyst for continued neighborhood transformation.  This theme will be incorporated into all special events and activities associated with the Centennial Celebration, in two of the following ways. First, neighborhood organizations are encouraged to use existing activities planned for 2019 (such as an annual community picnic) and brand it with the Centennial Celebration. Secondly, organizations can create special events or activities specially designed to highlight the themes of the centennial celebration. Organization are encouraged to consider the ways new events and activities could serve as a springboard for future events or programs.


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 Heritage, Healing & Hope



The historic Civic Park Neighborhood of Flint is celebrating its 100th year anniversary in 2019. All throughout the year events will be scheduled to highlight both the past and the future of the historic neighborhood. Celebrations will be held with our many partners and visitors across the country

The URC, is joining with groups from Civic Park as well as local and national partners to think creatively about the events and activities that will be included in the Centennial Celebration.  Visit us often to see what is going on in Civic park all 2019.

Completed in 1919, Civic Park was one of the last large-scale planned communities for industrial workers in the United States. After a decade of public discussion on housing problems in Flint, local leaders began this neighborhood exclusively for industrial workers in 1916. 

There are a number of opportunities to get involved in the Centennial. We always need volunteers for day-long events and weekend service projects. We are also in need of sponsors for many of the events and projects we have planned.